Ospreys 2017

This time a year ago we saw an osprey pair at the nest, for the first time after two and a half years of waiting, and we were not sure what was going to happen. They mated and successfully reared 3 healthy chicks, then all flew away separately to travel Central and South America. They’re Back! This year our first sightings were on April 7 when first one bird, then the other appeared. Yampa River Botanic Park fundraiser The weather in the second half of April was miserable, with freezing nights and snow, rain, sleet and hailstorms almost every day. The female proceeded to work on improving the nest and an osprey, which we think was one of ‘our’ birds, was seen fishing 10 miles upstream, see this picture by Linda Litteral taken in April. Yampa River Botanic Park fundraiser By May 1, we were seeing evidence of mating and on May 3 the female was huddled down in egg-sitting posture on the far northeast corner of the nest (difficult for us to see from 400 feet away): Yampa River Botanic Park fundraiser The egg-laying and egg-sitting may have started a couple of weeks earlier this year than last, so we might to see evidence of chicks hatching about June 15-22. In the meantime the male will keep the female supplied with fish and will sit on the nest for a few minutes while she takes a break. He will also be keeping guard over the nest from various vantage points, and he will try to fish as close to the nest as possible so he will be available to fight off eagles and other predators. ….Bob….